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Small but mighty - 5 socket closed colocation rack

Many aixit customers at the Datacenter Frankfurt have their own racks and are thus able to use large computing capacities.
But sometimes even smaller systems want to have a mighty impact. For this purpose the closed 5 socket colocation racks are available at aixit DC, which can be booked tailored to your requirements. Securely locked on a size of 600 x 1000 mm, this is the perfect colocation for smaller applications.
This size, however, does not mean that you go with less service or infrastructure. With their own electricity meters, limited and controlled access, as well as of course all other standards of the ISO-27001 certified datacenter in Frankfurt, the 5U racks play in the big league.

Applications for this size will of course vary from case to case, but there are certainly some setups that can establish themselves as standard.

Here are three application examples:

Hypervisor Setup

The hypervisor setup focuses on running a virtual machine. A healthy mixture of computing power and storage makes the system a real allrounder and is prepared for many application examples.

VPN Setup

The VPN Server is a real power machine with as much computing power as possible in a small space: Four 1 socket servers rounded off with their own switch in a closed 5 socket rack. With this setup even large amounts of data can be moved without unwanted delays. The internal cabling in the data center Frankfurt (Carrier neutral and with short distances ) will help tremendously to connect the system as fast as possible with the outside world.

Backup Setup

The Backup Setup is ideally equipped with a 1socket server and 2x 2socket storage to back up your important data.
In addition, there is a special service: for maximum utilization of the available space, the cabling is outsourced via the "top-of-the-rack"-aixit switch. In this way, the entire space of your colocation is used.
As with all systems, the configuration can be carried out by our competent technicians so that you can concentrate on the essentials, namely your data.

A little tip: We would also be happy to offer you the right hardware for your 5 socket colocation rack. Together we will discuss your requirements, plan your rack setup and order the appropriate equipment. As a certified reseller of major brands such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Juniper, etc., we often achieve a surprisingly low price. Just contact us if you want to learn more. We are looking forward to it!

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