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Azubi Watch

Surveillance and directional radio - Lots of experience and a sunburn

Our trainee Tobi has many different tasks. But a few months ago he probably didn't even think that he would install cameras and directional radio on the 18th floor above the roofs of Frankfurt and Offenbach and experience how much a construction crane wobbles in this height.
He reports on his experiences in the aixit AZUBI WATCH:

Hello Tobi, please introduce yourself to the readers
I am Tobias Kliem, I am 19 years old and in my 2nd year I am doing an apprenticeship at the company aixit as an IT specialist for system integration.

System integration means exactly?
Actually, everything about servers. Say administration, setup, maintenance. That always depends very much on the customer, what kind of need there is at the moment.

Is there a typical working day and what does it look like?
Hardly one day here in our Datacenter Frankfurt is like another. There are very many and different tasks and in principle I enjoy the confidence to tackle topics independently. Of course, I have my training managers who I can ask, but in general I always try to find solutions myself. This usually works quite well.


Now we see here a photo of you at a lofty height, what is it all about?
One of our customers asked us to set up a camera surveillance system on a large construction site so that they could create a kind of construction documentation. Cameras had to be installed to record as much of the construction site as possible. So very high.
I was asked if I wouldn't like to help out and was there right away.

And you were the chosen one who was “allowed” to go up?
Well, I wouldn't say chosen now. Of course, I was asked if I wanted to go up and I had no problem with that. However, I don't know if my colleague wasn't quite happy that he didn't have to climb (laughs).

And after that you climbed on the construction crane?
Exactly, since one camera doesn't get everything on the picture, a second camera had to be attached to the construction crane. And it was not so clear to me before, how much a crane wobbles. Three to four meters back and forth at a height of 32 meters the crane operator explained to us. Then I preferred to sit down when attaching the housing.
But we were also super instructed and secured by the customer. We had safety shoes, helmet, warning vest and also a safety harness, with which I was secured the whole time. So it’s safe to say, I wasn't afraid.

What other challenge did the project bring with it?
I noticed in the evening that we didn't have any sun cream with us (laughs).
No seriously, we still had the challenge to get net to the cameras so that they could send live pictures. That's why we set up Ubiquiti NanoBeams. So that the customer can view the images via the individual IPs.

Ubiquiti NanoBeams – can you explain a bit more?
This is the hardware we use for directional radio. This way we can also get network into areas that are difficult to access. For example, a high-rise roof or a construction crane.

So final question: where do you see yourself after your training?
Phew, not so easy. It's like a job interview here (laughs).
But I would like to successfully complete the training first and then be very gladly taken over. I would like to learn and master all the topics that aixit does for its customers.

For example?
Well, the cloud topics or backups, for example. I would like to know more about that and also be able to answer all inquiries and tickets. The simpler tasks, such as server maintenance or hard disk replacement, I already do, but I would like to get even deeper into that.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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