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"Together we can do it"

Holger Grauer CEO of aixit in an interview during the Corona Time.

Holger, the corona crisis is causing new and unknown situations in the world every day. How do you personally experience this time?
At first glance, probably as dramatic and incredulous as everyone else out there.
At the age of 40 I have definitely never been in such a situation and that's how it is for many, many people.
Nobody really knows how it will go on. Now we have to look anew every day at what challenges we actually have here as a society and how everyone can make their small contribution to overcoming the whole crisis and looking forward again.

When the Corona measures started you were abroad - what was the situation like for you?
It was pretty strange. Since we couldn't take a holiday last year due to the relocation of aixit, we wanted to make up for it with a boat trip to Norway.
Then suddenly events started to change from day to day. From the 3rd day on nobody was allowed to go ashore and then we quickly got the message that we were going back to Hamburg directly without a stopover. It was already very noticeable then how the crisis will also affect the travel industry.
At the moment we are still in a 14-day home quarantine with daily fever measurement, as a safety measure from the health department. But we are doing well and everybody is healthy.

And how has this changed your professional life?
Of course I have to organise more and I am much less involved in operations.
Since I generally work most of the time in the home office, not much has changed and we haven't had to set up the technology for working from home. So it's similar to before, but I already miss my regular visits to the Frankfurt data center a lot.

To what extent is a data center like aixit affected by Corona?
Since our customers need to be able to reach us around the clock, the curfews and Corona bids naturally present us with a certain challenge.
We started very early on to implement the topic of "social distancing" for us and changed the shift schedules so that employees have as little contact with customers and colleagues as possible. Of course, service quality must not suffer. This has worked very well so far and the customers also understand that the staffing of the technicians on site has been reduced and that access to the data center is kept to a minimum.
At the same time we are of course trying to solve the technical challenges of this time for and with our customers. For example, we are currently working with many aixit customers to find out how they can switch to home office without any problems and how we can help.

You are always very optimistic. Do you also see positive effects during this time?
Of course it is also a great opportunity for the IT industry. Digitalization will certainly take the next steps through the crisis. You can see that in many companies that are setting themselves up to implement different, digital ways of working in their business. That is at least something positive.

It's a difficult question: Can you already estimate how things will continue.
Like everyone else, I don't have a crystal ball, of course. After all, the restrictions are supposed to continue for just under three weeks, until 21.04.2020. Then there will certainly be decisions from the politicians soon enough.
We are so far prepared that it can take longer. We will continue to make our contribution and also support partners to get through this period together.

One more word to customers and friends?
I would like to appeal to the readers how important it is to stay at home and support the local economy.
Especially the sports clubs have a hard time and are very close to my heart. We are partners of the FRAPORT SKYLINERS and the Uni Baskets Paderborn and these clubs, like many other clubs, are currently in a big crisis.
Here we try to make our contribution. We have promised both clubs that we will of course carry out our contracts normally. Furthermore, we were able to support the Skyliners with the changeover to home office and we transferred the playoff bonus to the Baskets because they were on a playoff place at the time of the league crash. That was very important to me personally.
Otherwise I would say to all: stay healthy and together we can do it!

Thanks for the interview

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