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UBIQUITY ACADEMY certifies aixit employees

• Two-day seminar in Chemnitz
• UNIFI product group in focus
• Final examination successfully passed

Further education and training for employees has always been part of aixit's program. It corresponds to aixit's conviction that one must know the topics of the time in order to keep up with the times.
Therefore, all employees have the freedom to deepen their knowledge through training in a wide range of areas.

Two aixit employees from the Network and Connectivity division have now taken the opportunity to be certified by the UBIQUITY ACADAMY as UBIQUITI ENTERPRISE WIRELESS ADMIN.

The two-day training was held in Chemnitz by the VARIA Academy and focused on the fail-safe planning and implementation of large WLAN networks using UBIQUITY hardware.
In particular, the emphasis was placed on knowing all possible settings in the user interface of the UBIQUITY UNIFI product group in order to be prepared for every possible application.

At the end of the seminar, the participants had to answer 40 questions about the previously learned contents in the one-hour final exam, before the official UBIQUITY certificate was handed over in a festive atmosphere after successful completion.

Since aixit implements large WLANs, especially in the area of sports facilities in the Rhein Main region, which are used by many fans at the same time, the certification and the newly acquired content are a real added value.

"It was a great event where we learned a lot. In part, it was so much input that I had to think back a bit to my school days, but it was definitely worth it," says a good-humoured Tobias Kliem, one of two aixit employees who can now officially call himself UBIQUITY ENTERPRISE WIRELESS ADMIN.

"The contents of the certification will definitely help us to implement the arena WLANs. We were really excited about how a few clever additional settings can further improve quality and speed". adds Stefan Schultz, who is responsible for WLAN topics at aixit.

The next step for the aixit employees will be to implement the content they have learned in the live scenario: "That's what we are most looking forward to now," says Tobias Kliem "We can hardly wait to set new records in terms of users and speeds".

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