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DDoS protection from Arbor

Arbor Networks, a leading provider of backbone infrastructure security solutions, protects the aixit data center in Frankfurt am Main and our data center customers from unwanted visitors with its threat management systems.

aixit uses the entire Arbor Peakflow SP product line for improved network security, traffic engineering and managed security services.

By using the Arbor Peakflow platform, aixit is the first German provider to offer managed DDoS services to its data center customers.

Arbor Peakflow SP already protects more than percent of Internet service providers worldwide against attacks with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or worm traffic.

The Peakflow platform builds on Arbor's years of experience in supporting ISPs to deliver Managed Security Services. The integrated DDoS detection service enables cost-effective DDoS protection and detailed attack analysis.

DDoS protection includes a flow sensor component that provides cost-effective transparency and security across the entire Internet backbone of an ISP or carrier.

aixit has also implemented the Threat Management System (TMS) component for carrier-compliant deep packet inspection, so that security threats can be prevented quickly and intelligently. The Peakflow SP platform is characterized by its ability to detect, analyze, and block threats across entire ISP networks./p>

Businesses are overwhelmed by the variety of threats they face and are increasingly turning to their service providers
Tony King, Vice President Europe, Middle East and Eastern Europe for Arbor

Efficient protection for your dedicated infrastructure

Aixit customers benefit from a single point of access to all components of the Peakflow SP platform.

With secure single sign-on, organizations can block threats, keep traffic clean with Arbor's TMS component, and improve security and traffic engineering with Peakflow SP.

We effectively protect your dedicated infrastructure from future distributed denial of service attacks.

aixit offers its customers the most powerful DDoS protection on the market. So you are protected against any type of DDoS attack around the clock, regardless of its scope or duration.

As the first German hosting company, aixit offers Managed Security Services and is in a fantastic position to use the Peakflow platform to solve its customers' problems in the long term and generate new revenue streams.
Michael Tullius, Territory Manager Germany/Switzerland at Arbor

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