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Server unavailability is a problem for every company. Very often distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks) are the cause.

aixit offers its customers the Arbor Peakflow SP product line as efficient protection against DDoS attacks.

By using the Arbor Peakflow platform, aixit is the first German provider to offer managed DDoS services to its data center customers.

Arbor Peakflow SP already protects more than 80 percent of Internet Service Providers worldwide against attacks with DDoS or Worm Traffic.

As the first German hosting company, aixit offers Managed Security Services and is in a fantastic position to use the Peakflow platform to solve its customers' problems in the long term and generate new revenue streams.
Michael Tullius, Territory Manager Germany/Switzerland at Arbor

What is a DDoS attack?

With the growth of data volumes on the Internet, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have also become more frequent.

A DDoS attack is aimed at making a server, service or infrastructure publicly unavailable. The attack can pursue different strategies:

  • Bandwidth overload of a server so that it can no longer be reached.
  • The machine's system resources are overloaded so that it can no longer respond to the traffic.

In a DDoS attack, numerous requests are sent simultaneously from different machines on the Internet. Due to the number of attacks on the infrastructure, the server or service becomes unstable and may no longer be accessible.

In order to ward off these distributed denial of service attacks, aixit offers its customers the most powerful DDoS protection from Arbor.

DDoS analysis and defense

For attack detection, the Netflow sent by our routers is analyzed in real time. Flow data, SNMP and BGP updates are used to learn the normal network and routing behavior of routers and interfaces. The traffic patterns are then compared with the topology data to create logical data models.

Using this data, the system notifies our employees and customers of any significant changes in the network. These can be DDoS attacks, misconfigurations or device failures, as well as long-term effects due to changed data volumes.

Our all-in-one solution delivers detailed information, is scalable, and ensures network availability to effectively mitigate network integrity threats.

To ensure customer satisfaction and the best possible performance of applications such as HTTP, VoIP and DNS, we offer our customers insight into key metrics such as jitter, latency, round-trip time (RTT) of the network, delays (DEL) and packet loss.

Defense encompasses all methods and techniques for mitigating the negative effects of DDoS attacks. For this purpose, the data stream is filtered to allow only desired traffic to pass through.

With this solution, aixit can detect attacks at the network and application level and eliminate attack traffic while maintaining regular data traffic.

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