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Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud

The home for your IT
From colocation racks to your own cages or rooms, we offer everything tailored to your ideas and for every project size.

In addition to optimum network and power connections, our data center in Frankfurt also has a clever and certified AC-, access- and security-concept.

We operate our own fiber optic ring in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich.

With our well-planned, redundant data center structure, we are the perfect provider for all cloud solutions.

The set up of your own cloud infrastructure or the use of our existing aixit cloud is possible in the shortest time.

Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

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Company blog

Michael „d00p“ Kaufmann, lead developer of Froxlor

About ten years ago Michael "d00p" Kaufmann developed Froxlor, one of the largest server management platforms in the German-speaking area and offers it free of charge. Since then the application has been used ten thousand times and is highly praised.
What his motivation is, what stumbling blocks there were and what this has to do with aixit, we shed light on in the big interview:

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Small but mighty - 5 socket closed colocation rack

Many aixit customers at the Datacenter Frankfurt have their own racks and are thus able to use large computing capacities.
But sometimes even smaller systems want to have a mighty impact. For this purpose the closed 5 socket colocation racks are available at aixit DC, which can be booked tailored to your requirements. Securely locked on a size of 600 x 1000 mm, this is the perfect colocation for smaller applications.
This size, however, does not mean that you go with less service or infrastructure. With their own electricity meters, limited and controlled access, as well as of course all other standards of the ISO-27001 certified datacenter in Frankfurt, the 5U racks play in the big league.

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Surveillance and directional radio - Lots of experience and a sunburn

Our trainee Tobi has many different tasks. But a few months ago he probably didn't even think that he would install cameras and directional radio on the 18th floor above the roofs of Frankfurt and Offenbach and experience how much a construction crane wobbles in this height.
He reports on his experiences in the aixit AZUBI WATCH

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aixit Cloud offers


CPU Cores: 2

RAM in GB: 4

Diskspace in GB: 20

50,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 4

RAM in GB: 16

Diskspace in GB: 200

149,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 16

RAM in GB: 128

Diskspace in GB: 1000

590,00 Euro
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