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aixit Cloud

By relocating the server infrastructure to aixit, you can give up responsibility for the hardware and concentrate on your business instead.

Hardware failures or hardware updates are a thing of the past with the aixit cloud. In addition, you are completely flexible and can adapt the resources used to your needs.

From a business point of view, you can convert fixed costs for operating your own server landscape into variable costs.

This is cost-efficient and always transparent.

What makes a good cloud?

If you explore the cloud market, you will find many differences. The aixit cloud advantages:

  • The servers assigned to you in the Frankfurt data center are available to you at all times and do not have to be shared with other customers.
  • Should there ever be a problem: aixit provides professionals who will quickly find a solution for you. When selecting our hardware, reliability has absolute priority. We exclusively use enterprise hardware from renowned manufacturers such as Dell and Juniper, which are also configured in highly redundant clusters, i.e. the failure of a server is seamlessly compensated. The result: maximum availability.
  • Our customers have the security of retaining control over the servers and data at all times despite the physical outsourcing. You can use your own ISOs for your virtual servers and much more. We have years of experience with networks, with virtualizations and their administration and in application development.
  • A scaling of the server resources is possible at any time. If your storage requirements increase unexpectedly, a move is pending or you simply want to develop new performance potentials - we support you in planning, implementation and maintenance. You also have the option of adding your own hardware (firewalls, routers, servers ...) to our cloud (hybrid cloud).

    Your cloud environment could, for example, be created from virtual servers and hardware components as follows:

    Sample configuration aixit Hybrid-Cloud

Try our aixit cloud

If you have any questions about our cloud solutions or if you are interested in a free and non-binding test environment, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service on 069 2034709-80 or

All information is also available as a PDF-Download (german).


CPU Cores: 2

RAM in GB: 4

Diskspace in GB: 20

50,00 Euro

CPU Cores: 4

RAM in GB: 16

Diskspace in GB: 200

149,00 Euro

CPU Cores: 16

RAM in GB: 128

Diskspace in GB: 1000

590,00 Euro
Contact us for a free and non-binding test environment.

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