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Colocation, Housing, Hosting & Storage

Looking for colocation for server housing? aixit has been operating its own data center in Frankfurt am Main ufor over two decades and has grown into an experienced housing, hosting and storage provider with up to 4.000 m2 of its own data center space and the whole variety of data center services.

We distinguish ourselves through a tailor-made offer for every customer: Whether for small, medium-sized or large companies - aixit, as the German rack provider in Frankfurt am Main, has the right home for every hardware.

In aixit we have found the perfect partner. From the connection of our location and the home offices to the housing of our customer servers - everything comes from a single source and interacts perfectly. The excellent and competent service rounds off the offer.
Patrick S. Barowski, GF Opportunity Interactive Services GmbH

Colocation Racks or Cages

With us you can book single height units (U), 19-inch colocation racks with 5U (1/8 rack) or 10U (1/4 rack), half racks or complete full racks with 42U.

A separate rack cage or room area is also possible. The infrastructure to supply the operated components is then expanded within the cage according to the customer's individual requirements.

aixit minimizes the risk

All server colocations can be protected by two independent UPS systems. This secures your power supply and enables us to cover a wide range of energy requirements.

Each server rack is captured by the data center's camera system, and 24/7 monitoring ensures that your hardware is not unattended, even at night.

Data backup

Of course, on request, we can also provide you with suitable backup concepts following the automation principle with data backup in any desired frequency and size.

We have constantly updated fire protection concepts and thus divide the computer centre area into separate fire compartments with early fire detection and fire brigade connection.


All racks can be connected to the Internet with 1 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit or 100 Gigabit uplinks via fiber.

Our carrier neutrality also makes it possible to connect to any provider or carrier.

Individual bandwidths and out-of-band connections are possible on request.

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