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Safety and security

In recent years, threats to information technology and the number of attacks against IT systems have grown steadily.

Vulnerabilities in operating systems as well as security gaps in application programs and software components are exploited remotely by attackers to install malware on computers in your company or to spy on them.

These vulnerabilities are used for sending spam or criminal activities such as botnets.

With our Security Services we protect your data and your systems.

VPN Service

The aixit VPN is the umbrella term for the various VPN solutions that we provide individually for you.

In addition to open source solutions such as OpenVPN, products from manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper or Sonicwall are also available.

Our service team builds various VPN solutions according to your specifications, e.g. IPSEC tunnel solutions, dial-in VPN´s for the field service or similar solutions.

For this we use high-performance and scalable solutions that meet the highest demands and can be operated future-proof.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can crash your website in minutes, last for hours, and allow your competitors to stop your business processes.

In the Internet environment, DDoS is one of the biggest threats to your business.

Large numbers of servers or even home computers on a DSL connection in so-called botnets are used to paralyze your servers by overwhelming them with a large number of requests with data packets.

Attacks from the Internet are growing in size, frequency, and complexity.

While many competitors rely on proxy solutions, the aixit Arbor DDoS Protection impresses with its completely transparent or fully integrable DDoS protection solution according to your needs.

The Arbor Cloud offers companies the option of integrated DDoS protection from campus to cloud - with a single combined solution. Enterprise networks can be protected against a wide range of DDoS attacks with the Arbor Cloud.

These include volume attacks, attacks at the user level, attacks on the security infrastructure (firewall/IPS), but also against multi-vector and more complex DDoS attacks.

We will show you how you can effectively protect your own hardware systems or those of your customers and their data against these attacks.

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