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Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud

The home for your IT
From colocation racks to your own cages or rooms, we offer everything tailored to your ideas and for every project size.

In addition to optimum network and power connections, our data center in Frankfurt also has a clever and certified AC-, access- and security-concept.

We operate our own fiber optic ring in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich.

With our well-planned, redundant data center structure, we are the perfect provider for all cloud solutions.

The set up of your own cloud infrastructure or the use of our existing aixit cloud is possible in the shortest time.

Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

Colocation locations
Network nodes

Company blog

"Everything else is secondary"

The pictures of the terrible fire at the OVH data center in Strasbourg went through the world and touched many in the industry. We talked to fire protection expert Thorsten Bechert to understand what happened in Strasbourg and how you can protect yourself and your data from such a fire.

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New RIPE Expertise for aixit GmbH

In today's IT world it is increasingly important to understand technological changes in the market and to get additional information in these directions. Therefore, continuing education is always an important factor for aixit employees.
Not only is every employee free to continue his or her education, but it is also actively encouraged.
The latest successful training has now been provided by our partner RIPE NCC. From now on, there is a new "IPv6 Fundamentals Analyst" and a new "RIPE Database Associate" in the aixit ranks.

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WestfalenWIND and aixit provide fast, secure and strong fiber optic line

Thanks to an unusual cooperation, the Internet connection of the city's Lernstatt Paderborn platform is now more operational and resilient than ever before:
This was made possible by WestfalenWIND IT and aixit.

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aixit Cloud offers


CPU Cores: 2

RAM in GB: 4

Diskspace in GB: 20

50,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 4

RAM in GB: 16

Diskspace in GB: 200

149,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 16

RAM in GB: 128

Diskspace in GB: 1000

590,00 Euro
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