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Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud

The home for your IT
From colocation racks to your own cages or rooms, we offer everything tailored to your ideas and for every project size.

In addition to optimum network and power connections, our data center in Frankfurt also has a clever and certified AC-, access- and security-concept.

We operate our own fiber optic ring in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich.

With our well-planned, redundant data center structure, we are the perfect provider for all cloud solutions.

The set up of your own cloud infrastructure or the use of our existing aixit cloud is possible in the shortest time.

Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

Colocation locations
Network nodes

Company blog

Green Hosting
For web hosting companies, everything depends on performance and cost. Customers expect nothing less than round-the-clock availability, so web hosts need to optimize server performance to maintain competitiveness while keeping running costs low to keep infrastructure growth under control and sustainable.
More security and availability for aixit customers
By using shared data center services, customers can save infrastructure resources such as servers, entire premises and IT personnel and reduce their IT costs. Customers outsource part of their own IT and use larger and modern structures with numerous advantages at aixit. However, this also increases the risk of Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks for individual customers. In a shared infrastructure, a targeted DDoS attack on a specific customer also affects all other users of the same structure. Most customers increasingly rely on the data center operator or their hosting provider for the security and availability of their hosted data.
Hosting company helps customers reduce energy consumption by approximately 66% for multiplayer online platform
aixit, based in Frankfurt, offers a selection of IT products and services for companies throughout the country. Founded in 1996, aixit has expertise in hosting, dedicated lines, and cluster services. Since its inception, aixit has placed great emphasis on the quality of its services and works hard to differentiate itself from competitors through innovative solutions based on the best possible technology.

aixit Cloud offers


CPU Cores: 2

RAM in GB: 4

Diskspace in GB: 20

50,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 4

RAM in GB: 16

Diskspace in GB: 200

149,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 16

RAM in GB: 128

Diskspace in GB: 1000

590,00 Euro
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