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Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud

The home for your IT
From colocation racks to your own cages or rooms, we offer everything tailored to your ideas and for every project size.

In addition to optimum network and power connections, our data center in Frankfurt also has a clever and certified AC-, access- and security-concept.

We operate our own fiber optic ring in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich.

With our well-planned, redundant data center structure, we are the perfect provider for all cloud solutions.

The set up of your own cloud infrastructure or the use of our existing aixit cloud is possible in the shortest time.

Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

Colocation locations
Network nodes

Company blog

Corona Update November 2020

The current progression regarding the Covid19 pandemic unfortunately make it necessary for aixit to intensify the rules regarding the data center access and the associated hygiene measures again.
We would like to ask you to follow these rules and thus help to ensure that working in the data center remains safe. Many thanks.

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"A great feeling in these rather wild times"

Interview with Dominik Meyer, Managing Director Uni Baskets Paderborn
On March 8th, the professionals of the Uni Baskets Paderborn played their last game in the Barmer 2nd Basketball Bundesliga before the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to stop playing.
In an interview with aixit, Dominik Meyer, managing director of Baskets, explains how he has experienced the last few difficult weeks, what the next steps are and what role fans and sponsors like aixit play during this time.

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aixit Covid-19 Update

Due to the nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus, there are many changes for public life. Therefore, we would like to inform our customers and partners and post an update about the changes that will occur for the cooperation with aixit during the upcoming weeks.

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aixit Cloud offers


CPU Cores: 2

RAM in GB: 4

Diskspace in GB: 20

50,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 4

RAM in GB: 16

Diskspace in GB: 200

149,00 Euro
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CPU Cores: 16

RAM in GB: 128

Diskspace in GB: 1000

590,00 Euro
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