Your Datacenter service provider

aixit was founded in Aachen in 1996 and has been involved with the "Internet phenomenon" since its early beginnings. For more than 25 years, the company has since been in constant growth, always with the claim to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Since moving its headquarters from Aachen to Frankfurt am Main in 2004, the company has focused on high-quality, redundant B2B colocation, as well as cloud and connectivity offerings.

Through numerous peerings and IP upstreams, our Datacenter Frankfurt offers high-performance and high-availability Internet solutions.

Due to our own infrastructure, we can serve our customers quickly and reliably. This enables us to operate efficiently and flexibly in the fast-growing market.

aixit has also been successful in the field of virtualization, which enables greater utilization of IT resources and greater flexibility, since 2004 with the aixit Cloud.

At aixit, particular emphasis is placed on the word service. By constantly improving and optimizing our services, we always offer our customers the highest level of support, help and assistance.

As a service provider, our high-performance network infrastructure allows us to respond flexibly to the wishes and requirements of our customers, so that we can always react to the rapidly changing market conditions.

Whether a nationwide dial-up network or complex and bandwidth-intensive network structures - our system customers rely on our intelligent and short solution paths. This includes connectivity as well as the construction of redundant clusters for applications and storage solutions.

Since the end of 2018, aixit has been able to further expand its data center space by moving to Rebstöcker Straße, Frankfurt. On up to 4000m², we offer our customers the necessary space for any kind of project size and are well equipped for all requirements of the growing industry.

Through individual and flexible possibilities our customers get a customized solution for their success at any time, because for us every customer and his individual concern is important.



aixit GmbH has been owner-managed for over 25 years. This is unusual in the data center industry, but it is very important to us as a company that we keep all strategic and business decisions in our own hands.

This allows us to take the right steps quickly and easily for ourselves and our customers, without having to go through lengthy discussions with investors or shareholders beforehand. This is the DNA of aixit GmbH and a major success factor for us.

Our Team

Enthusiasm for technology is certainly the characteristic that can be found across all aixit employees. From the management to our trainees, there is probably no one in the aixit team who does not get excited when there is new hardware and gadgets to marvel at.

Beyond that, of course, the departments are divided and staffed with experts in each field:

Service technicians handle incoming tickets and all colocation service requests that arise.

Our networkers are responsible for both the internal network and routing, as well as communicating with customers on issues related to these topics. Here, network plans are discussed in a supportive manner and changes are implemented together with the customers.

The security team takes care of our Arbor hardware and inquiries around DDoS protection. The main task here is to evaluate attack reports with customers and initiate measures to successfully protect affected IP areas.

General communication with customers is the responsibility of the sales team. Advice for possible technical solutions for existing customers, offers for potential new customers, participation in tenders and much more. The sales department is also always the right contact if a customer has a concern that cannot be assigned to a direct technical area.

The majority of the aixit team works in offices directly in the Frankfurt data center. This gives the technicians the great advantage of being able to reach the customer's hardware quickly and deal with incoming requests as quickly as possible. And inspections and tours can also be carried out flexibly in this way.

The most important thing for aixit is a well-functioning community within the team: teamwork and cross-departmental cooperation, joint lunches and barbecue events, weekly team sports and much more are the cornerstones of successful work for us. 

If you would like to become part of this aixit team, please have a look at our job section for open positions or send an application to