Leased Lines

Do you place the highest demands on availability, transmission capacities and security and want an Internet or site networking concept tailored to your individual needs?

Our many years of experience, high-performance infrastructure and professional employees guarantee that you will continue to have fast and secure access to all the information that is relevant to you.

Together with our partners, we offer you exactly the solution that meets your requirements.

The offer for the permanent connection of your company to the Internet ranges from 10 and 100 Mbit Ethernet products to Gigabit and 10 Gigabit fiber optic products to highly available multiple 100 Gigabit connections that we can realize for you.

In addition, we also offer high-performance, cost-efficient dedicated directional radio.

German Major Cities
Darkfibre Network
Up to100
GBit/s Connections possible

Directional radio

Directional radio, the wireless transmission of messages using radio waves, is the technology used to direct a signal from a starting point to a defined target point.

The directional effect is achieved by using energy-concentrating antennas that direct the electromagnetic energy transmission in the desired direction. 

This technology can achieve data transmission rates of up to 1.4 Gbit/s, and usually up to 15 km of directional radio to the next node. 

Business SDSL

Get ready for the future now with aixit business-SDSL and experience the decisive advantages of permanent broadband Internet access.

We provide you with the preconfigured access hardware (SDSL router) during the contract term at no additional cost.

Overview of services and options:

  • Installation is possible within a few days of ordering
  • Flexible bandwidth selection to suit your requirements (from 2 Mbps/s to 20 Mbps/s, symmetrical)
  • Selectable service level
  • Depending on the service level you choose, we guarantee up to 99.8% Internet access availability
  • 19″ device and desktop device available
  • Active network monitoring
  • Connection directly to the aixit backbone
  • Optional: combination of multiple internet access paths in one device for better availability
  • Optional: integrated VPN / site networking
  • Optional: Integrated and managed firewall
  • Optional: 8 hours express warranty

Whichever product you ultimately choose: The decisive factor is your individual situation and we have the right solution. Contact us now.