Bandwidth of the future: Süwag Energie Arena with 10Gbit connection thanks to aixit

The Süwag Energie Arena, formerly known as the Ballsporthalle, is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation in terms of connectivity. Thanks to aixit's commitment, the arena's connection will be upgraded from 1 Gbit/s to a fast 10 Gbit/s. This pioneering measure not only promises improved performance, but also opens up new perspectives for a wide range of events.

More bandwidth, more possibilities

The upgrade to 10 GBit/s ensures that the Süwag Energie Arena is optimally equipped for upcoming events. Whether sporting events, concerts or conferences - the expanded bandwidth enables smooth data transmission and thus opens up completely new dimensions for the use of digital technologies.


WTT Champions 2023 sets the standard

The WTT Champions 2023 table tennis event was the first event to benefit from the improved bandwidth. The successful test run confirmed the performance of the new infrastructure. This success has paved the way for potential future upgrades.


Technological infrastructure for first-class connectivity

aixit has not only expanded the bandwidth, but also improved the technological infrastructure in the arena. Almost 100 pieces of hardware, including almost 50 access points for Wi-Fi, have been installed to ensure that visitors can always enjoy a reliable and fast internet connection.

In addition, the arena is connected via dark fiber, which is illuminated by aixit to determine the optimal bandwidth for the arena. Advanced optics ensure that connectivity in the Süwag Energie Arena always meets the highest standards.


Upgrade to max. 100GBit/s possible

With the implemented infrastructure, an upgrade to an impressive 100 Gbit/s is theoretically possible and feasible. This underlines the potential for further expansion stages and ensures that the Süwag Energie Arena will remain at the cutting edge of technology in the coming years.


A look into the future

The upgrade of the Süwag Energie Arena to 10 GBit/s by aixit not only sets a current standard, but also creates the basis for future innovations. The expanded bandwidth provides room for creative applications and technologies that will further enhance the event experience.



Overall, this measure illustrates aixit's commitment to promoting state-of-the-art technologies and creating optimal conditions for events in the Süwag Energie Arena. The future of connectivity starts here and now.