New aixit Location in Munich

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The aixit family continues to grow. We are very pleased that we have inaugurated our new aixit location in Munich since 01.06.2022. It was worked on in the background for a long time and aixit's managing partner Holger Grauer was all the happier to now be able to operate the location and offer it to customers.

"It is already a very good feeling to see how we continue to grow. When we started 25 years ago as a team of two, I could not have imagined the dimensions our company would eventually take on. It makes me really proud to see the work our guys have done here over the past years," says the emotional aixit CEO.

The new Munich site will initially be used as a peering location and to expand the aixit Darkfiber network. A colocation offering will then be added in the coming months. 
The expansion of the site was realized together with InterNetX.
As a domain registrar and IaaS provider, InterNetX has been developing innovative solutions for domains, hosting and encryption for over 20 years. aixit and InterNetX have maintained a very cooperative relationship for almost as long.

"For our customers, it is an important step that we can now provide all important IT locations in Germany with lines, bandwidth and peerings. Munich was a final milestone for us in this regard. We have had frequent inquiries in the past, but for many different projects we were only now able to take care of the final expansion in Munich. So it's all the nicer that the expansion went very smoothly and quickly thanks to the cooperation with our friends at InterNetX," says Holger Grauer. This is how Holger Grauer describes the new aixit offer in Munich.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has become an important strategic location for IT Germany. Also known as Isar Valley among experts, Munich now attracts many IT companies and has become an important hub in Europe. With nearly 30 data centers and important digital infrastructure, the location perfectly rounds out the aixit portfolio in Germany.

All further information and updates can be found in our information page about the Munich Datacenter.
For inquiries about this location, please feel free to contact our sales team or fill out our contact form.

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