Rent a rack from aixit: A guide

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In the age of digitalization and exponential data growth, companies need reliable data centers to run their IT infrastructure securely and efficiently. Aixit offers companies the opportunity to rent racks in their state-of-the-art data centers. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at the process from the first contact to the commissioning of a rented rack at aixit.

1. rack rental decision:
Before a company should begin the process of renting a rack from aixit, a key internal decision must be made: Should we outsource our hardware to a data center in the future?
The decision to outsource requires careful consideration of business needs. Points such as cost efficiency, redundancy and failover, data security and scalability are particularly important.
In addition, it may also be attractive to be augmented by the expertise and support of data center technicians to facilitate hardware setup, monitoring and maintenance.
After making these decisions, the company should consider what colocation needs its IT would likely have.

2. needs analysis:
Before companies rent a rack from aixit, they should analyze their colocation needs. This includes number of height units, choice between colocation boxes or complete racks, which location, if any, sustainable aixit RZs the required connectivity, security requirements, power supply and cooling, and the definition of service level agreements (SLAs). Potential scaling options are also initially important for some customers.
But not all of these points need to be 100% clarified right from the start. Here, too, aixit technicians are happy to help if there are still open questions or uncertainties.

3. make a request:
But once the requirements have been defined, companies can submit an inquiry via the aixit homepage or by phone. This preparation ensures that the rack rental is perfectly tailored to individual needs.

4. get a quote:
After receiving the request, the aixit team prepares a customized offer. This includes the costs, contract duration and other important details. Customers have the opportunity to review the offer and make adjustments if necessary.

5. customization of the offer:
aixit understands that each customer has unique requirements. Therefore, customers can make special requests and customizations to their rack. This may include installing special hardware or setting up additional security measures. The aixit team is available to discuss and implement these customizations. It is also important to mention that this point is of course still completely without obligation. This consultation and also customization is part of our free quote sales step.

6. conclusion of contract:
As soon as all details are clarified and the customer is satisfied with the offer, the contract is concluded. This includes the terms of the contract, service level agreements (SLAs) and other important legal aspects.

7. hardware collection:
Once the contract has been signed, the hardware move-in process begins. There are two options:
a) Move-in support by aixit staff: aixit provides customers with professional support during the move-in of their hardware. This can include physical installation of equipment, cabling and configuration. It can be performed by customer technicians or, after consultation with the customer, autonomously by aixit technicians only.

b) Self-installation by customers: Some customers have their own technical staff and prefer to self-install their hardware. aixit provides the necessary resources and tools to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

8. monitoring, service and maintenance:
After the rack is successfully set up, aixit monitors the systems 24/7 to ensure everything is running smoothly. Maintenance is performed as needed to ensure performance and availability.

Renting a rack in aixit data centers is a straightforward process tailored to customers' individual needs. From initial inquiry to hardware commissioning, the aixit team is on hand to ensure customers benefit from world-class data center services.

Through this guide, we hope businesses have a better understanding of how they can benefit from aixit's services to optimize and secure their IT infrastructure. If we have piqued your interest in a rack rental, please feel free to contact our sales department for a no-obligation quote.

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