aixit Builds Its Own DCI Network with Huawei DC OptiX

Pressrelease by Huawei about working together with aixit:


Germany has the second largest data center colocation market in Europe. Over the last 5 years in Germany, digital transformation strategies, the adoption of cloud computing by enterprises, IoT, AI, implementation of GDPR, and COVID-19 are the major factors fueling the growth of data centers. Around 80% of organizations in Germany have cloud services for at least one service, which grew rapidly and is expected to have higher growth rate during next 3~5 years.

aixit was founded in 1996 and now is a classic datacenter service provider in Germany. The company has focused on high-quality, redundant B2B colocation, as well as cloud and connectivity offerings. As a service provider, aixit has held 30 datacenters in 8 European locations, and is capable to serve customers quickly and reliably. Considering the rapid growth of service data and the cost of network operation, aixit decided to establish a connectivity for ensuring non-blocking data flow and expansion smoothly across datacenters for next decade.


Actually, optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is widely adopted and has become a core attribute of digital transformation, especially in cloud era. In addition, based on self-built optical DCI, company that has datacenter is capable to reduce the cost of connecting their datacenters by an average of 42% and realize a three-year ROI of 325% in accordance with the analysis from IDC. Obviously, self-built optical DCI is the best option for datacenter connectivity.


As a closed partner of aixit, Huawei has proposed its DC OptiX solution with flag-ship product OptiXtrans DC908 for connecting data centers of aixit. The DC OptiX solution is providing a single-wavelength 200G bandwidth with long-distance performance through Frankfurt, Heuchelheim, and Paderborn. Meanwhile, this solution also offers a single-wavelength 400G bandwidth connecting datacenters inside Frankfurt. Based on the solution, aixit is able to upgrade DCI optical-layer capabilities online and avoids additional cost for optical fibers.


An industry leading capability of bandwidth is one of valuable features. Compare to other supplier, Huawei DC OptiX also offers more simplified commission, intelligent O&M and reliable data transmission.


Simplified installation and commission:

The 6.4 Tbit/s/U, highly integrated with optical and electrical layer, DCI platform cuts 80% intra fiber connection and 70% physical footprint, compare with traditional solution. Based on Huawei's network automation and intelligence platform – iMaster NCE, one-click auto-commissioning enables service provisioning within just few minutes. It reduces the need for multiple site visits and improve the efficiency of service go-to-market (GTM) time.


Intelligent network O&M:

The Fiber Doctor (FD) of iMaster NCE is able to monitor the fiber quality of DCI networks based on OTDR technology, accurately locating fiber faults online to improve network experience. With the Intelligent alarms compression, iMaster NCE is capable to identity the root cause in 3 mins and improve the rout cause accuracy up to 98% that helps network management more easy and simple.    


Reliable data transmission:

Data is encrypted using L1 AES-256 to ensure data transmission security between data centers, providing secure and confidential data transmission.


Currently, aixit keeps serving their customers to get a customized solution for their success at any time through self-built DCI network powered by Huawei DC OptiX solution.

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Huawei and aixit
Huawei and aixit