Contract extension - aixit remains FRAPORT SKYLINERS' technical partner for three more years

When partnership becomes friendship, then it can only be good! And when this friendship and partnership is extended by three years after ten years, that speaks for itself! The FRAPORT SKYLINERS and their technical partner aixit are therefore very happy to stand side by side in the future!


Statements to the announcement

Yannick Binas (Managing Director, FRAPORT SKYLINERS): "The partnership with aixit is an absolute benefit for us, not only because of the close personal relationship with Nicole and Holger Grauer or Marius Nolte. In the current difficult sporting phase, to have our backs strengthened by the extension of the cooperation is incredibly good. Only with the support of our partners will we be in a position to attack again. The fact that aixit is going straight ahead here and extending the agreement for the long term is a strong signal. In addition to our advertising presence, we are also looking forward to driving forward our digitalization with the help of aixit's great expertise and thus generating direct benefits for our fans, e.g. through WLAN in the Süwag Energie ARENA and in the live streams of our home games, which we will produce ourselves."

Holger Grauer (Managing Director, aixit): "The partnership with FRAPORT SKYLINERS is a real matter of the heart for us. This can also be seen in the fact that we will now be the FRAPORT SKYLINERS' technology partner for more than 10 years with the contract extension. Loyalty and reliability are the values of aixit GmbH, and this applies to our customers as well as to sponsoring partnerships. The last two years have not always been easy for us as basketball fans either, but our commitment and cooperation as a technology partner clearly applies regardless of the league. We are therefore looking forward to many great games and victories and let's see where the sporting journey of the FRAPORT SKYLINERS will take us again. In any case, we will again provide technical support at a high level. Especially through the fiber optic connection of the Süwag Energie ARENA and the public WIFI for the fans, but also in the office through cloud services and technical support."

Pioneering work and innovation driver
(Almost) everywhere FRAPORT SKYLINERS has technology inside, aixit is on the front. And it has been doing so for many years, and preferably when it comes to initiating new and bold projects. Starting with the first self-produced livestreams of the easyCredit BBL (2012/13 season) to the commitment in the field of eSports (2017 to 2019) to today's services and services such as the freely available WLAN at home games or the classic hosting of the digital FRAPORT SKYLINERS infrastructure. At home games, aixit is a constant eye-catcher with a large logo presence in the mouth of the player's entry. 

Partnership with personality
But it is not the pure marketing space that distinguishes the partnership. Rather, it is the close personal contact and exchange on which it is based. For example, the Frankfurt IT experts are not only regular participants in the FRAPORT SKYLINERS Company Cup powered by WISAG, but with their Head of Marketing Marius Nolte they even have Frankfurt basketball expertise at the highest level in their ranks.
Partnership and friendship which, thanks to the shared passion for basketball, is constantly developing and continuing, and which time and again brings forth innovative projects and initiatives - a perfect combination which will continue to bring a lot of joy over the next three years.


Excitement, emotions, spectacular actions and 5000 cheering fans in the Süwag Energie ARENAa - the FRAPORT SKYLINERS stand for top sports and best entertainment in the Rhine-Main region. Basketball is fast, dynamic and full of energy. It is therefore easy to get carried away by the atmosphere and the game. With their style of play, the professionals ensure wide eyes and open mouths - the fascination of basketball transcends all age groups! And at the latest when the entire team makes the rounds after a furious home victory and high-fives with the fans, you have become a fan! Basketball and the FRAPORT SKYLINERS become BIG LOVE!



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