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The world is changing. For aixit, it is time to look at how we can meaningfully participate in ideas for improvement.

As an energy-hungry industry, it's only natural to look at what difference we can make in this area. Our data centers have been powered by 100% green electricity for a long time, but you can read about how a bit more might be possible here in the blog entry.


The desire to become even more sustainable has existed for a long time and is also being driven forward throughout. For example, the roof of the Frankfurt data center will be completely equipped with a large photovoltaic system.

A groundbreaking meeting in the direction of more sustainability in this regard was also the year 2019, when in a first meeting with the Paderborn company WestfalenWIND IT was learned of their windCORES idea.
WestfalenWIND IT Managing Director Dr. Frietjof Dubberke sums up this idea as follows: "The concept is actually simple and that's what makes it so ingenious. We simply use what's there: the existing wind towers, the infrastructure they contain and, of course, the wind power produced on site. A more sustainable solution for climate-neutral IT would be hard to find on the market. This convinces many who are seriously considering the topic of "Green IT""

This concept of data centers in wind turbines and wind farms then immediately excited aixit and its CEO Holger Grauer. "I was very taken with this idea right from the start. After all, there is enough electricity and air conditioning is no problem. My only question was how to get enough bandwidth to the wind farms."

This question was then quickly answered together. With redundant 400 Gbit/s lines heading for the Frankfurt Internet hub and lit by aixit GmbH, they were more or less making their own luck.

"We had not lit lines of this length and magnitude before. I still remember how our networkers' hearts leapt when they were allowed to configure the lighting hardware, which was not exactly inexpensive," says a visibly good-humored aixit managing director.

After the lighting collaboration had worked so successfully, it was time for the next joint project. An empty transformer house right next to a wind turbine offered a good opportunity to apply the windCORES concept to a rectangular footprint. The windCORES Cube was born. A data center that also directly uses the wind power from the wind farm and, with 30 racks, forms a small addition to the built-up windCORES Edge data centers in the wind farm.

"It is ingenious how quickly a high-quality and secure data center has been created, which after all is not only impressive because of the CO2-neutral energy. Above all, the really favorable electricity price, will make it easy for aixit customers to use an attractive and sustainable alternative of colocation offers," explains Holger Grauer this next step.

Furthermore, the joint construction of a three-level steel structure in the wind turbine is to start soon, which will make it possible to build up to 60 racks in a new windCORES data center. We will be happy to keep you up to date on this.

All further information about this sustainability initiative of aixit and the cooperation with windCORES can be found on the new subpage of the aixit homepage.