New RIPE expertise at aixit

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In today's IT world it is increasingly important to understand technological changes in the market and to get additional information in these directions. Therefore, continuing education is always an important factor for aixit employees.

Not only is every employee free to continue his or her education, but it is also actively encouraged.


The latest successful training has now been provided by our partner RIPE NCC. From now on, there is a new "IPv6 Fundamentals Analyst" and a new "RIPE Database Associate" in the aixit ranks.

RIPE NCC ist eine Non-Proft Organisation mit der Aufgabe der Verwaltung von IP Adressen sowohl für den mittlerweile

RIPE NCC is a non-profit organization with the task of managing IP addresses for both the now depleted IPv4 address space and IPv6 addresses. 
Having additional expertise in the area of IP addresses and AS numbers is an important competence for any IT service provider. We are very pleased that we are not only well positioned in this area today but also in the future. 

And congratulations to our employees on their awards!

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to visit for further information.

RIPE Certificates